Wallingford Park

 Bill’s involvement with the Wallingford Playground began with a $50,000 donation to construct the main entrance to the park.  Through the matching of this donation, the community was able to buy the playground equipment to complete the park. 

Meridian Playground

Bill donated $10,000 in site work, concrete work and general collaboration with artists and volunteers towards the completion of Meridian playgroup.

Nestucca Santuary

Nestucca Santuary is a sacred trust of land held by the Jesuits of the Northwest.  90 acres of quiet woods and walking paths, it lies 95 miles SW of Portland on the Oregon Coast between the little and big Nestucca tidal rivers.  People come to Nestucca for Spiritual Retreat; to form deeper relationships with themselves, the earth and God.  Bill has been involved with Nestucca for over 15 years, coordinating volunteers and donating materials, labor and money for renovations.


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FamilyWorks is a food bank and family center that creates a community and network of support by connecting families in need with resources such as life skills classes, teen parent support and after school tutoring.   Bill has donated $2500 a year for the past ten years to FamilyWorks.  In the last two years he has increased his involvement by sponsoring the annual auction and fund raising drive.  

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Coyote Central

Coyote Central offers junior high youth the opportunity to develop their creativity, intellect and problem solving skills through workshops ranging from welding to cooking to radio broadcast. Every summer Coyote puts on “Hit the Streets,” a program that enlists the help of junior high youth in transforming run down vacant lots into community landmarks. Bill serves as a board member for Coyote Central and also volunteers for the organization.


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Jubilee Women's Center

Jubilee is a transitional housing program for women who are homeless, providing them with safety and support as they learn to become self-reliant in housing and employment. Bill was a member of the construction committee for Jubilee’s five million dollar renovation project. He and his wife, Beth, were one of three couples that formed Friends of Jubilee LLC who sponsored the purchase and renovation of a Capitol Hill Home for Jubilee Women’s Center. The main Jubilee renovation was completed in Feburary 2008 and the Friends of Jubilee House was completed in October 2008.


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Merrueshi Village Clinic

  The Merrueshi Village Clinic in Kenya aims to make basic health care services available for the Maasai residents of Merrueshi and surrounding areas.  The clinic emphasizes health education, disease prevention and treatment, vaccination, and nutrition education for mother's and their children.  The clinic ensures that it's patients receive acute and emergency medical care at the most reasonable cost in the local area.  The Parks family funded the clinic and traveled to Kenya in November-December 2007 to oversee and participate in construction.  


Go to for more information about the Merrueshi Village Clinic and the Maasai Association

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.  Through donated labor and materials, Habitat builds simple homes with the help of the future homeowner.   Habitat homes are sold to partner families at no profit and financed with affordable loans.  Bill has donated $20,000 to the organization.


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Albuergue Infantil Josefino

Albuerque Infantil Josefino is a shelter that provides a home, loving care and education for orphaned and abandoned children in Oaxaca, Mexico.  The Albuerque was started by a group of local Oaxacan women and with the help of a grant from the State and a lot of hard work they've been able to create a comfortable and clean facility for the 50-60 children they are usually caring for. 


go to to learn how you can get involved with Albuerque Infantil Josephino.