Current Projects

Barton Street Lofts

The Barton Street lofts, currently in the construction phase, is a 14 unit townhouse project in West Seattle that uses a mix of industrial materials, large windows, and European-style site planning to create a community of houses that engages the neighborhood on the street side and supports a cohesive community on the courtyard side.   Creating a sense of community is one goal, along with taking a stand against rote design in a lower income neighborhood.

Barton Street Townhomes

Currently in the construction phase, the Barton Street Townhomes are a four unit project in West Seattle. The four units will be housed in two buildings and will include alley access parking. The project will work in tandem with the Barton Street Lofts to continue to improve this lower income neighborhood.

Ballard Lofts

The Ballard Lofts project is a five story mixed use building which currently includes four half levels of underground parking, commercial and live-work spaces at the ground floor, and 38 dwelling units above. The residential units include small, affordable, European style Loft spaces with high ceilings and large windows.  There are also large penthouses on the top two floors with 360 degree views of the Olympics, downtown, and the Cascade Mountains.

Sunset Hill Development

Currently in the early stages of conceptual design, the plan for the Sunset Hill Development is to renovate and add on to an existing mixed-use structure.  The site has potential for 15 underground parking spaces, 14 dwelling units, and a minimum of 4 commercial spaces.  The plan is to design a pedestrian friendly, human scaled building.  This would include an abundance of landscaping and areas designed for outdoor gathering spaces along the vibrant commercial street.


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